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Hounyo GmbH is a Germany-based manufacturing and distributing entity for various commodities and global products for fifteen years. In the year 2006 Hounyo gmbH established its first branch office in the African continent aimed at having direct access to the local market and provide better customer service to our clients. After its success, we have set up branch offices in many other African countries thus providing an effective distribution and support network.




Parallel to this we also strengthened our manufacturing end by identifying and partnering with some of the leading manufactures situated in the production belts. Due to our tie-ups with some of the leading banks, financial institutions, warehousing and shipping companies, we are in a unique position for offering multiple payment plans, credit solutions, varied pricing, small inventories and fast deliveries to




our valued patron.


We have kept ourselves flexible to evolve as per the dynamic environment and handle all challenges.



Come! PARTNER with us & share the SUSTAINED PROSPERITY



To ensure this promise, we deliberately refrain from traditional marketing. Instead, we focus on the continued increase in productivity of the supply of goods and a continuous and direct care of clients and suppliers.


Our qualified staff is a key factor in ensuring you good service!